Study Tour

Since 2019, a one-week study tour on start-up development has been offered once a year to a delegation from Kenya as part of the CEPU project.

A total of 16 lecturers and administrative staff from Mount Kenya University and Kenyatta University visited Leipzig University in June 2019. During the study trip, they learned about how start-ups are promoted and how university teaching could be made more practice-oriented. Their trip was part of the DAAD-funded project dubbed “Collaboration for Entrepreneurial Universities (CEPU)”, under which the International Small Enterprises Promotion and Training (SEPT) program at Leipzig University participate as partners. On June 26, the visitors from Africa were invited to visit the Computer-Assisted Surgery Innovation Centre (ICCAS) of the Faculty of Medicine at Leipzig University.For the partners from Kenya, the ICCAS was an interesting example, as the research projects have a high degree of practice-relevance and aim at the transfer of knowledge into industries in the economy. Many projects are carried out in cooperation with business partners. The scientists there presented to their guests the smart operating room, the digital patient model and the development of a mobile belt to monitor lung function at the scene of an accident. In addition, the guests got to know about the work of the founding consultancy Self-Management Initiative Leipzig (SMILE) and, among other things, visited the practical training and learning centre – PAUL of veterinary medicine. On Friday, 28th June, they left Leipzig by train for Berlin – bringing with them many ideas and suggestions for new initiatives in Kenya.