Ideas Camp

An idea camp is an extracurricular event and takes place as a competition with prizes in which several interdisciplinary student teams search for solutions to the same problem within one week.

This task always refers to a social, societal or economic problem from the university environment, i.e. the task is carried out with regional decision-makers (economic partners of Kenyan universities).

The idea camp takes place outside the campus as a one-week block event. In the CEPU project, two camps are organised with project funds. Scientific staff of the University of Wismar will accompany the implementation of these camps.


  • Strengthening the employability of students by promoting their interdisciplinary skills.
  • Connecting the universities and their resources with regional decision-makers
(administration, business, NGOs, etc.) and their resources.

Date of first idea camp: 6 – 12 October 2019

For more Information, please visit the Robert-Schmidt-Institut of the Wismar University of Applied Sciences: