The CEPU project aims to create a range of E-Learning opportunities, starting with a podcast series to prepare Kenyan students for the local labour market.

“AfricaWorks – Agency for Recruiting and Employability“ specialises in preparing Africans for the labour market and has extensive experience in the Kenyan higher education system, the labour market, recruitment of personnel from Kenyan companies and several years of practical experience in applicant training for Kenyan university graduates.

As part of the CEPU project, AfricaWorks has produced ten podcast episodes in three learning modules. For this purpose, project-relevant content was reviewed and approx. 20-40 minute episodes with a special focus on the topic “Employability” were conceived and implemented. The main target group of the episodes are Kenyan students and graduates. In addition, care was taken to ensure that the related topics of education, employment and entrepreneurship were adequately considered.