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The construct of the entrepreneurial university gained international relevance in the previous years and developed into a worldwide model of successful higher education and science policy. After the first academic revolution, which introduced research as a second core task alongside teaching at universities, the contribution of universities to the social and economic development of society has now been added as a third mission (task) in a second academic revolution. This third mission encompasses both the application orientation of research and teaching as well as entrepreneurial activities and closer cooperation between universities and business enterprises. The Triple Helix Model conceptualizes network relationships between state, university and business as three overlapping spheres. Universities are subsequently the source and place of new knowledge and new technologies, the economy the place of production and the state the mediator between both spheres. At the centre is the Entrepreneurial University, which is characterized by strong academic leadership, legal control over its academic resources, organizational capacity for technology transfer through specific organizational units in administration, and an entrepreneurial ethos.